Bill Radin

Tuesday October 22nd @ 4:00pm AEDT/BST/EDT or 5:00pm SAST

and a re-broadcast on

Monday October 28th @ 4:00pm AEDT/GMT/EDT or 6:00pm SAST

Retained Search for Contingency Recruiters

Step up … to a higher level of service, bigger fees and stronger client relationships!

Bill’s unique approach to retained search is practical, fun – and brutally honest. If you’ve ever wondered how to make the switch, but lacked the training, the resources or the chutzpah, this program is for you. Here’s a peek at the what you’ll learn:

  • An alternate mindset, set of methods and opportunities
  • The differences between retained and contingency
  • Learning the business, not the hype
  • An honest, rational approach to building a practice
  • Understanding the client’s perspective
  • Think like a partner, not a competitor
  • How to break old habits
  • Understanding retained search methods
  • When retained search is a bad idea
  • Dealing with executive compensation
  • Building a unique brand identity
  • The unequivocal importance of qualifying
  • Establishing your methods
  • Setting your terms and conditions
  • Is there a fall-back position?
  • Contracts and other documents
  • Executing the search
  • Are meetings really necessary?
  • Making the switch—and never looking back.

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5 thoughts on “Bill Radin

  1. I had read some of Bill Radin’s book and listen to his advice and wow!. I have adopted his approach and its fun using his techniques and being honest when building business relationships. This was great training and listening to him today. Thanks Bill

  2. I have logged in and attended each session.
    Are there any handouts available for session
    or do I have to be a VIP Member

    How do you access the handout or see the slide show while the speaker is doing the presentation. Please advise
    I need help

    • Some speakers have provided handouts, others have not. If there are handouts available, then they’ll be in a section called “Session Handouts” located above the Broadcast Information. In Bill’s case, he mentioned during the call that anyone who wants a copy of his Search Navigator can email him. You’ll find his details at

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