Azmat Mohammed

Wednesday October 23rd @ 2:30pm AEDT/BST/EDT or 3:30pm SAST

The Recruiter Survival Guide: Securing Your Future in Recruitment

Discussing what the Institute of Recruiters (IOR) thinks recruiters need to know, in order to still be relevant in the future.

Covering how the IOR is working to better promote recruiters to HR professionals, and get recruiters on a level playing field.

  • You will hear what we are teaching HR professionals about working with recruiters
  • You will hear about added benefits you can offer to generate more income and deeper client relationships that last
  • You will hear about a new career map, that helps you plot the career for you.

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10 thoughts on “Azmat Mohammed

  1. I hear what you say, and I can understand where you’re coming from. However, on the whole I disagree. You’re missing the major difference that agency recruiters will always bring to the table which HR will never have. SALES ABILITY!! I’m afraid, filling in forms and pushing paper doesn’t handle counter-offers, offers from competing companies etc etc etc, which are the things agency recruiters are taught to handle. HR cannot SELL!!

    Hiring good candidates involves SELLING. This will never change. This is why agency recruiters get so frustrated with HR, because HR are seen as people that PREVENT recruitment through process and form-filling. They are seen as an obstacle, a hindrance. They are slow and inefficient.

    Shame really……..

  2. Would love to attend as I believe this is a critical discussion to have in recruitment. A cognitive approach to the future of recruitment. Sadly – massive Skype issues.

  3. The approach is part of improving the sales process. Any vital sale needs the promotion of a wider influence and strategy. In other words multiple contact points within the customer/client company. This discussion is relevant to the management of the HR subset of that multi-faceted process.

  4. Hi Kevin, thanks for your feedback.

    I would say all businesses that hire directly also have to persuade candidates to join them, that is part of their job too. The entire premise of employer branding is based on this. I would always use the word persuade, and not sell.

    I do however appreciate your comment and feedback.

  5. Great insight into how to augment a company’s core portfolio with additional offerings. Thank you very much Azmat.

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