Jon Bartos

Thursday October 25th @ 4:00pm AEDT/BST/EDT or 5:00pm SAST

Jon Bartos

Million Dollar Habits: Maximizing Marketing Performance – Business Development Scripts That Are Working Today

As most Million Dollar Billers will agree, great job orders are the key to their success. If you want to catapult your billings overnight, this is the session for you. Jon will talk about the key principles in marketing and business as well as role play through the ten must have marketing scripts that are seeing results in today’s market.

Attendees will walk away with:

  • Why Marketing and getting more Job Orders/Search Assignments will be the key to your success
  • Knowledge of the key principles of effective marketing
  • How to grade your current work to determine if you have the Quality that’s worth working on
  • The marketing scripts that are working in today’s recruiting climate
  • Jon will Role play the critical scripts “live”
  • Why you need to work exclusively with your clients and how to get that type of work
  • Free White papers on “Business Development” and the “Science of Recruiting”

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9 thoughts on “Jon Bartos

  1. Fantastic Jon thank you very much, I especially liked the part about Insights. If anyone wants to find out more about that I am reading a great book called The Challenger sale written by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson which looks at top performing sales professionals and you will find that sharing insights is one of the key characteristics and is the driving factor when building customer loyalty.
    Thanks again Jon I got a lot out of it.

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