Hannah Keep

Friday October 26th @ 9:30am AEDT/BST/EDT or 10:30am SAST

Hannah Keep

Banish Limiting Beliefs from your Business and Transform your Results

Once a recruiter has about 6 months experience in the job, it is down to their mindset, confidence and ability to drive the recruitment process that determines whether they will be average, a Top Biller or even stick out a full year. What would it be like if you could identify the limiting thoughts and decisions your new or old recruiters have before they form limiting beliefs that block performance? Join Hannah Keep for this interactive and informative session that will help you:

  • Recognise limiting beliefs in your Consultants
  • Learn how to Challenge limiting beliefs and influence long lasting change
  • Help your Consultants identify and use their positive beliefs as a driving force to increase billing potential
  • Adopt 6 practical techniques to banish limiting beliefs from your business
  • Learn the Limiting Belief busting technique that top Performance Coaches use to transform performance

If your Consultants lack confidence, are inconsistent, put off activities they don’t enjoy or aren’t reaching their full potential then this session is for you. If you are a Consultant who hasn’t reached their potential yet, has reached a plateau or are new to the role and you want to avoid the biggest cause of recruitment failure then this session is also for you.

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7 thoughts on “Hannah Keep

  1. Thank you SO much Hannah, and Mark for arranging.
    Interesting to note how NLP ties in with positive beliefs and how to put in them place and in particular how to identify old beliefs that hold us back, and how to overcome them and create new beliefs.
    Every recruiter, manager and trainer should be registered for this summit. The success of the summit will only increase.
    Perhaps APSCo and other partners can provide greater awareness of the potential the summit offers by promoting excellence from the best in the industry. The summit offers the opportunity to create big billers by learning and surrounding yourself with the best of the best in the industry for a few days. And all for FREE. Crazy. Thank you again. Alexander

  2. Thank you for your comments Alexander and I am glad you enjoyed it. Yes I use NLP training techniques in the coaching, it is one of the most useful set of practices I have learnt in my career from a self management perspective as well as being able to understand and influence others.
    The IOR (Institute of Recruiters) will definitely be promoting this again next year.
    Thanks again Alexander, do stay in touch

  3. Thank you Hannah, for terrific and valuable information presented in a thorough yet concise manner! Performance and emotional management tends to be such an after thought in our industry, almost a job in title only. If more firms practiced this level of interest and action in the consultants they hire, our industry turnover rate would decrease by 50% (at least!)! We’ve quantified the activities side of what we do, we need to quantify the cost of turnover and the profit of tenure! Cheers!

  4. Tina, thank you so much for your comments and I totally agree! If only all Recruitment Induction programmes spent as much time on Emotional Intelligence as they do the process we would get a much quicker return from our consultants as well as equipping them with ALL the resources they need to be successful. Top Billers have E.I as a natural trait and self belief in buckets, the good news is that this can be learnt if we value it as a training topic.
    This would also reduce recruiter burn out so come on everyone bring E.I into your training programmes now!
    Thanks again Tina and do stay in touch

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