Gaynor Lowndes

Thursday October 25th @ 11:30am AEDT/BST/EDT or 12.30pm SAST

Gyanor Lowndes

The War for Talent Part 2

The War for talent has never been fiercer than it is right now. Is your organisation connecting with it’s talent pool in the best possible way? Do you understand the needs of the differing generations and what you can do to engage with them?

Learn from a recruitment industry veteran how the recruitment landscape has changed and what you can do to make yourself and your organisation a winner in the battle for talent in your sector.

Gaynor Lowndes is a recruitment industry expert, published author, speaker, consultant to recruitment teams and coach. She is considered a generational expert and will answer your questions on how to engage, motivate and retain your current pool of talent as well as access talent in your marketplace.

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3 thoughts on “Gaynor Lowndes

  1. IMPORTANT: We’ve had to make a last minute change to the conference schedule. Please note that Gaynor’s presentation will now start at 11.30am, instead of 11.00am. Thank you!

  2. Awesome stuff!!! A little conflicting with a previous session, but everyone has a different viewpoint. After having listened to several presentations throughout this summit, I will have to say that Gaynor gave me a ton of helpful information and specific actions to take to implement the knowledge I gained. Thank you so much. Also thanks to Mark for moderating and allowing us to access even more information from these terrific presenters.

    My hat’s off to you!

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