Gavin Ingham

Wednesday October 24th @ 9:30am AEDT/BST/EDT or 10:30am SAST

Gavin Ingham

5.5 Steps to Sales Success

The world has changed. Business today is more challenging. Sales can be difficult. Many recruiters are struggling to make the sales that they once made. Good enough is not good enough anymore. In this fast-paced talk, Gavin will unlock the tool and strategies required to make more sales in any economy. Packed full of proven techniques and real world strategies this session will help you to become a big biller.

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9 thoughts on “Gavin Ingham

  1. As always, very enervating talk Gavin. My issue is that I work alone. Sharing success stories is not easy. Feeding off positive attitudes of others is not possible.

    This is only one small aspect of developing success but quite a big issue to the independent and lone business person.

    • Wendy. Great point. Working alone has benefits and challenges and whilst you cannot get sucked into team negativity by others, when the team (you) is having a bad day, things can be hard…

      Step 3 Sharing Sales Success Stories is as important for individuals as it is for teams. This is the case whether you work as part of a team or by yourself. My suggestion would be to start your own Wall of Success. You can do this in many ways but the one I like best is a physical Wall of Success somewhere in your office.

      And remember, the more visual, the brighter and the more eye-catching it is… the better :-).

  2. Excellent presentation! I too would be interested in receiving the written list of the 5 1/2 steps and any other written documentation associated with today’s broadcast.

    Kristy Pero

    • Kristy.

      Your wish is my command…

      Here is a reminder of the 5½ Steps To Sales Success and some links to free resources and communities.

      1. Sell from a “10”.

      Attitude is your ability to access your skill so take responsibility for your own sales mindset and set yourself apart as a sales superstar.

      2. Believe and achieve.

      Believe in yourself, believe that you add massive value, believe that you do an amazing job, that you have unlimited potential and believe in your company. What do YOU need to believe to succeed?

      3. Share Sales Success Stories.

      Remind yourself of past successes. Share success stories with your colleagues. Focus on win and stories that support the beliefs that you want to hold. Make a personal and business culture of success.

      4. Dream BIG!

      Dare to dream. Tell me what you want, what you really, really want! It’s all about you. Your goals should set your world on fire. If they don’t, find some more!

      5. Take action.

      Nothing happens until you do something. Work out what activities will take you towards sales and personal success and factor them into your life. To improve time management and effectiveness ask yourself, “Will this help me to achieve my sales and life goals?”

      5½ Roll With The Best, Raise The Bar & Keep Learning.

      Seek out the best people in your field and spend time with them, in the real world or online. Set your sights higher than anyone else ever would. Keep your mind sharp and active. You can do all of these by joining my newsletter and communities too if you like.

      Gavin’s Success Newsletter A must read!

      LinkedIn Profile

      And finally, of course, you can find links to these on

      I look forward to connecting with you and hearing from you on the groups. Have fun, dive in and get involved and, most of all, sell with passion.

      Kind regards

    • Jim.

      You snooze you lose! Can’t possibly tell you now!

      Step 1) Sell from a “10”.

      See above for more details and make sure you join my newsletter.


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