Closing Remarks

Tuesday October 23rd @ 1:00pm AEDT/BST/EDT or 2:00pm SAST

Big Biller Summit

Closing Remarks: How to Stay Focused and Motivated in the Pursuit of Your Goals

In his Closing Remarks, Mark will round up Big Biller Summit 2012 and explain how to develop your own Personal Action Plan to implement what you’ve learned. You’ll discover:

  • The 5 Step Formula for Achieving Your Goals
  • How to Create the Perfect Plan
  • How to Stay Motivated and Stick to Your Plan
  • The Secret to Staying Focused and Taking Consistent Action


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4 thoughts on “Closing Remarks

  1. Mark, You’ve given out contact info with each presentation; any chance you could send out a post Summit doc with all the contact info in one place (website, blog, Twitter, willingness to accept LI invites, etc) to participants? Thanks! Have really gained valuable info throughout the week.

  2. No Comments Yet? Interesting…….

    Excellent content/suggestions/cajoling as always!!!!!!

    Thank you for all of your efforts.

    I feel like I have just finished a large meal/ala Thanksgiving/and am now beginning to fully digest all the good stuff I chose to ingest. Yummmmeeee!!!!!

    Keep it up!!!!! The industry needs all that you do for it…….
    And, as Brian Tracy….talks about in the Law of Indirect Effort/The more good that you put out/the more good you get back/generally not coming back directly/but it is certain that you will reap dividends from your magnificent efforts!

    Loved the quotes as well/Perhaps you can post them here……along with a PDF?Outline? And/too/perhaps your contact info/offer….. Just Thinkin……

    I am hoping you know of Jay Abraham; I am thinking/he/or some of his info would benefit you greatly.

    Managing Energy is key no matter what we do: I am a big fan of Dr. Joel Fuhrman/Eat for Health; Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn/Cleveland Clinic; Dr. John McDougall, and Dr. Dean Ornish/The Spectrum. Another good on the subject: The Power of Full Engagement.

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