Opening Keynote

Mark Whitby

Tuesday October 25, 2011

Australia: 9:45am AEDT
UK: 9:30am BST
US/Canada: 9:30am EDT

Opening Keynote

Join your host Mark Whitby for a 20-minute overview and discover how to get the maximum benefit from Big Biller Summit. You’ll also hear some important information about “winning” and what it takes to be a winner, based on the findings of a renown sports psychologist, the philosophy of a legendary basketball coach, and corroborated with Mark’s personal experience over 15 years in the recruitment industry.

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5 thoughts on “Opening Keynote

      • Hi Zoran, The process of getting new clients is the same in both cases. However, you can only pitch for the retainer if you find out about the job first, and the client is not already interviewing. That means your success rate at selling retainers will be much higher for either a) repeat clients or b) new clients who call you first because of your profile / visibility / reputation in the market. If you’re following up a lead (from a job ad, or a candidate lead for example) then obviously the client’s recruitment process is already underway and it’s probably too late to get the retainer. In that case, you would pitch for interview slots instead and after you fill the job, you would educate the client about why they should work with you exclusively the next time around.

    • Hi Charles, You won’t actually hear anything except during the broadcast times listed above. If you dial-in outside those times, then there’s nothing to hear. If you are calling at the correct date/time, and still having problems then please contact us and my awesome support team will be happy to help you. And remember to check the FAQ for solutions to common issues. Hope that helps!

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