Mike Gionta

Mike Gionta

Wednesday October 26, 2011

Australia: 2:30pm AEDT
UK: 2:30pm BST
US/Canada: 2:30pm EDT

Strategies that get Clients that Produce $250,000 + On an Annual Basis and Over $2,000,000 in lifetime revenues!

Most recruiters live placement to placement and occasionally have clients that produce 2 or 3 placements per year. Imagine, however, getting 1, 2, 4, or MORE exclusive positions called into you every month! How would that change your business?

You will learn:

  • How to differentiate yourself by de-commoditizing the recruiting business.
  • What people who sign your fee agreements actually buy.
  • How to cross the chasm from annoying “vendor” to preferred partner.
  • How to get clients to work with you exclusively and/or retained on YOUR terms!

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    About Mike Gionta

    Mike has been described as one of the most exciting, innovative new trainers in our industry. He opened his recruiting firm in early 1990. He has ranked in the top-10 billing managers several times, ranking as high as second across all MRI divisions with cash in on his desk in excess of $2 million in ONE YEAR.

    After years of learning the WRONG way to get great clients and to build a recruiting team, Mike began training his team on the techniques that he discovered and that launched him.

    The result? He developed an office that ranked in the top 3% of MRI. He was ranked the 11th-fastest growing IT search firm in the country (outside of MRI) and the fourth fastest growing search firm within MRI out of 1,100 offices with almost $3m in annual revenues. Additionally, his firm was ranked the second largest search firm in the greater Hartford, Connecticut area.

    In 2007 Mike founded his training, speaking, and consulting firm, TheRecruiterU.com. Mike is sought out by owners of recruiting firms individually and in groups who are stuck, frustrated, and want to break through to the next level of revenue and success using his unique step-by-step system for growing a recruiting firm with VERY predictable revenue streams. Contact Mike at info@theRecruiterU.com

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