Doug Beabout

Doug Beabout

Thurday October 27, 2011

Australia: 1:00pm AEDT
UK: 1:00pm BST
US/Canada: 1:00pm EDT

4 Secrets of Finding Passive Candidates

Takeaways from this session with Doug include:

  • Discover where you find the true recruiting power you must have today
  • Learn a detailed and revolutionary approach in recruiting that grabs the attention of talent
  • Master the most effective process of gaining referrals in recruiting
  • Find the Sourcing Alternatives that work now

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About Doug Beabout

Doug brings over twenty-nine years of expertise in personal top billings, personnel services firm ownership, and industry training. His tenure in recruiting has resulted in his personal success at building four highly successful recruiting and executive search businesses. A board member and advisor to NAPS and many leading recruiting associations; his reputation for training excellence has placed him, repeatedly, as a guest speaker for the NAPS (USA), ACSESS (Canada), NPA ( U.S. and China).

Doug is in demand with many companies and associations as a featured trainer and speaker at several national, state and international association conferences. Having personally trained and assisted in the co-establishment of more than 400 recruiting firms worldwide, he knows the secrets and proven process that creates success! He is a business consultant to many corporations, franchised and independent personnel services firms globally.

Doug is currently owner and president of a professional recruiting and a training services company, The Douglas Howard Group, in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Doug works a “desk” every day making him uniquely qualified as a personnel services industry trainer. Many of his recruiting clients have put their net worth and business objectives “on the line” with Doug. They achieved recruiting excellence as a result of his training and guidance. Prior to his move to Florida, Doug established and successfully sold a well-respected recruiting and search services firm in Kent, Ohio.

Earlier, as an executive officer of a major international franchisor for nearly ten years, Doug established hundreds of successful personnel service firms and their staff members. He gained his initial placement experience as a personnel services consultant in an independent firm.

Doug has held the title of CPC; certified personnel consultant (NAPS) since 1981, CSP since 1999.

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  1. If you have been guilty of neglecting communications with a client because you haven’t found them suitable candidates….how can you make that up to them? What can you say?

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