Bob Marshall

Bob marshall

Tuesday October 25, 2011

Australia: 4:00pm AEDT
UK: 4:00pm BST
US/Canada: 4:00pm EDT

How to Teach a Recruiter to Bill $1,010,349.50 in One Year

Bob will walk you through the process of taking a ‘willing’ recruitment student to the million dollar plateau. In late 2006, at the suggestion of the past editor of The Fordyce Letter, Paul Hawkinson, David Thaler from Louisville, KY, called Bob and asked him the magical question, “Can you teach me how to reach one million dollars in production in one year.” Bob had been asked that on more than one occasion, but the timing was never right. This time it was. And the rest is history: $1,010,349.50 production in one year, 2007.

Bob will take you along on this journey. He will explain how he analyzes potential recruitment talent; how he looks for fixable behaviors; and how he diagnoses recruiter problems and prescribes the right remedies.

This session, as with all of Bob’s presentations, is a very ‘nuts and bolts’ approach based on reality. He will cover:

  1. The three main differences between superstars and average producers, along with the five main attributes of superstars
  2. Shaping your battlefield – defining and delimiting your marketplace
  3. Monitoring your daily numbers and knowing your ratios
  4. Why Marketing is King
  5. This is a process, not a series of events – ways to avoid the rollercoaster ride
  6. Planning for Focus
  7. Qualifying the JO
  8. “Never mistake Activity for Achievement”
  9. The Theory of Threes
  10. Knowledge Deficiencies versus Execution Deficiencies

Bob will include words of wisdom from Paul and two of his other million dollar colleague/students: one he simply calls ‘Robocruiter’ and Andrew Jenkins, who is a London-based Brit recruiter. This is a factual presentation. It is real. It is impactful. And the principles you will glean from it, simply put, work!

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About Bob Marshall

Bob Marshall began his recruiting career in 1980 when he joined MR Reno, NV. In 1986 he founded The Bob Marshall Group, International, training recruiters across the nation as well as in the United Kingdom, Malta and Cyprus. In 1996, he returned to working a desk full-time, while continuing to train recruiters.

In 2011, Bob will begin licensing his proven training system in selected US and international territories. To learn more about his activities and descriptions of his products and services (including the ‘Double Production-guaranteed’ program), contact him directly at: 770-898-5550,, or

7 thoughts on “Bob Marshall

  1. When you suggest 1500 client contacts that should be contacted quarterly, are you referring to client contacts that you have qualified in advance?

    By qualified I mean…

    1. You KNOW they use recruiters
    2. Are you only calling contacts that are applicable to your specific niche (ie. Finance & Accounting), or are you calling contacts that use recruiters for all sorts of disciplines?

    • Dear Satinder,

      The 1500 include individual company hiring managers in your niche/specialty, whether you know that they use recruites or not. (BTW, everyone uses recruiters when they have a sense of urgency).

      Hope that makes sense. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to let me know. I can be reached @ or 770-898-5550.

      Thanks for your question.


  2. Did I hear that right that you suggested 1500 contact companies yet David got 80% of his million dollar billings from one contact? How do I get that one!

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