Barb Bruno

Barbara J Bruno

Wednesday October 26, 2011

Australia: 4:00pm AEDT
UK: 4:00pm BST
US/Canada: 4:00pm EDT

How to Get to Your Next Level of Production

If you want to increase your production and income this session is a must attend! Barb will share 15 specific easy to implement techniques that will impact your recruiting, marketing, time management and sales abilities.

If you implement just one of the ideas shared, you will attain your next level of production. Can you even imagine what you will produce if you implement them all? We promise, you will not know which idea to implement first!

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About Barbara J. Bruno

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS is an internationally known and respected speaker, trainer, and author. She is an entrepreneur just like you, and prides herself on her innovative, creative ways of viewing our Profession. Barb became a trainer so you could make more money! Her goal is to share ideas that you can easily implement. She believes the most important person is you.

Barb is known for the wealth of information she shares and her cutting edge strategies and techniques. She created the #1 web based structured training program – The Top Producer Tutor – which elevates experienced recruiters to higher levels of production and jump starts new hires. Her Tutors are currently distributed in eight countries. Barb is known for her NO BS Newsletter and writes for thirteen publications. Her awards include the NAPS Harold B. Nelson Award, NAPS Hall of Fame, Illinois Lincoln Award and Indiana Ancil T. Brown Award. Barb also received a Woman of Merit Award honoring her many philanthropic endeavors.

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