Speakers 2011

You Won’t Want to Miss a Single Call – Check Out This “All Star” Lineup…

We’ve brought together 16 of the most popular and respected trainers, speakers, and experts in our industry. Check out this incredible line-up…

Doug Beabout Ann Swain Barb Bruno Mike Gionta
Greg Savage Jon Bartos Fiona Lander Bob Marshall
Mark Whitby Bill Radin Terry Edwards Nicky Coffin
Jeremy Snell Gary Stauble Gaynor Lowndes Denise Walker

Global Recruiting Trends and Opportunities

Ann Swain

Do you have a strategy in place to capitalize on the global trends that are revolutionizing our industry? If your business model is not aligned with the trends, then you risk losing out to recruitment companies who have embraced change and made it work to their advantage. According to Ann Swain, CEO of APSCo: “If the pace of change outside your business is faster than the pace of change within your business, then you’re in trouble.” However for those who are prepared, these changes represent an incredible opportunity. In this entertaining and educational presentation, you’ll discover:

  • The 5 global trends that are changing the recruiting landscape forever
  • How to adapt your business to capitalize on these major trends
  • The challenges and opportunities for expanding your business internationally
  • And much more!

Recruiting and the Art of Control – How to Fill More Jobs in a Turbulent, Transitional Market

Bill Radin

Want to make more placements? Manage your time more wisely? Reduce stress while increasing productivity? This class will definitely help! You’ll learn how to:

  • Strengthen your recruiting and client management skills;
  • Sidestep time-wasting employers and candidates;
  • Establish favorable ground rules, expectations and deliverables;
  • Improve conversion rates on voice mails, emails and submissions; and
  • Avoid falloffs, counteroffers and turn-downs.

If you’d like to earn more money and have more fun, please join Bill Radin as he shares the strategies of top-producing recruiters.

How to Teach a Recruiter to Bill $1,010,349.50 in One Year

Bob Marshall

Bob will walk you through the process of taking a ‘willing’ recruitment student to the million dollar plateau. In late 2006, at the suggestion of the past editor of The Fordyce Letter, Paul Hawkinson, David Thaler from Louisville, KY, called Bob and asked him the magical question, “Can you teach me how to reach one million dollars in production in one year.” Bob had been asked that on more than one occasion, but the timing was never right. This time it was. And the rest is history: $1,010,349.50 production in one year, 2007.

Bob will take you along on this journey. He will explain how he analyzes potential recruitment talent; how he looks for fixable behaviors; and how he diagnoses recruiter problems and prescribes the right remedies.

This session, as with all of Bob’s presentations, is a very ‘nuts and bolts’ approach based on reality. He will cover:

  1. The three main differences between superstars and average producers, along with the five main attributes of superstars
  2. Shaping your battlefield – defining and delimiting your marketplace
  3. Monitoring your daily numbers and knowing your ratios
  4. Why Marketing is King
  5. This is a process, not a series of events – ways to avoid the rollercoaster ride
  6. Planning for Focus
  7. Qualifying the JO
  8. “Never mistake Activity for Achievement”
  9. The Theory of Threes
  10. Knowledge Deficiencies versus Execution Deficiencies

Bob will include words of wisdom from Paul and two of his other million dollar colleague/students: one he simply calls ‘Robocruiter’ and Andrew Jenkins, who is a London-based Brit recruiter. This is a factual presentation. It is real. It is impactful. And the principles you will glean from it, simply put, work!

The Mindset of Success: How to Model Top Performers

Nicky Coffin

Learn the secrets of top achievers so that you can transform your results immediately. This workshop for business owners, Team managers and recruiters wanting to transform your results, shows you 4 powerful yet simple strategies that you can implement into your business immediately that will help you to:

  • Duplicate the achievements of the highest earning Recruitment Consultants
  • Get rid of the ‘Fear’ factors that are holding you back with powerful and easy to use techniques
  • Increase your billing every month at a level you have only dreamed of by just changing your mindset

Strategies that get Clients that Produce $250,000 + On an Annual Basis and Over $2,000,000 in lifetime revenues!

Mike Gionta

Most recruiters live placement to placement and occasionally have clients that produce 2 or 3 placements per year. Imagine, however, getting 1, 2, 4, or MORE exclusive positions called into you every month! How would that change your business?

You will learn:

  • How to differentiate yourself by de-commoditizing the recruiting business.
  • What people who sign your fee agreements actually buy.
  • How to cross the chasm from annoying “vendor” to preferred partner.
  • How to get clients to work with you exclusively and/or retained on YOUR terms!

How to Get to Your Next Level of Production

Barb Bruno

If you want to increase your production and income this session is a must attend! Barb will share 15 specific easy to implement techniques that will impact your recruiting, marketing, time management and sales abilities.

If you implement just one of the ideas shared, you will attain your next level of production. Can you even imagine what you will produce if you implement them all? We promise, you will not know which idea to implement first!

15 Sure-Fire Strategies for Increasing Profits Now

Gary Stauble

During this content rich session, you’ll learn:

  • How a slight change in your fee % that can prevent haggling with clients.
  • The 2 simple changes you can make to increase your recruiters production by 25% or more.
  • The easiest place to find more searches.
  • How to create a client litmus test so you don’t waste time.
  • The big mistake recruiters make when reducing fees and how to avoid it.
  • Why becoming focused on revenue can sometimes be a mistake.
  • Examples of 5 profit centers that you could leverage for extra revenue.
  • The easiest method for getting more sendouts.

Absolutely Advanced Sales

Denise Walker

This session will enable you to build on your current knowledge and capability in the following areas, in order to enhance business development opportunities and maximise revenue from your existing client base.

  • Business development models used by successful, growing SMEs, as researched by Cranfield School of Management
  • Use of account management protocols to effectively manage the customer lifecycle
  • The role of the account manager
  • Strategic and business planning and management

Here’s what Denise will be covering:

Business development essentials: Before looking at the more strategic elements of business development, it is obviously essential to have all the basics in place first. We will look at what these are, why they are important and who is responsible for them within the organization.

Account management (AKA Cranfield’s ‘Squeezing Lemons’): Here we consider the role of the account manager and how a number of business concepts, used extensively on the Business Growth & Development Programme (BGP) at Cranfield University, apply perfectly to recruitment businesses, where long-term relationships are key to success. These include Squeezing the Lemon and the Customer Lifecycle and are based on research carried out through regular SME surveys. It is proven that those that understand and manage these concepts can grow significantly larger than average businesses.

Essential planning: Although every business owner worth their salt will look after the overall business strategy, individual consultants, once the basics are in place, can also benefit enormously from applying a more strategic approach to business development. We look at how top billers do this and why it is essential to their business development success.

How to Develop Business Without Cold Calling

Terry Edwards

When you listen to this session you will discover the secrets to:

  • Growing your recruitment business and never making another cold call again
  • How to have clients calling you
  • The 10 top tips that will generate a torrent of warm leads for your recruitment business, effortlessly
  • The five things you must never put on your website, that could be costing you thousands
  • How to systemise your marketing to generate 100 warm leads a month every month
  • The essential steps that mean you will always have peace of mind about your income
  • How to make more placements and earn more money

Rising Stars in Recruitment

Fiona Lander

Fiona shows her passion for developing leaders, especially the next generation and including billing managers, and will share the results of three years of research identifying the challenges facing both current and future leaders.

She will focus on the importance of engagement and explore why leaders must be able to engage with their teams to impact positively on their performance within the business.

During Fiona’s session, managers and leaders will:

  • Clarify the challenges that new billing leaders will face
  • Gain an insight into the key elements of engaging their teams hearts and minds
  • Realise the need to manage 5 generations in the workplace
  • Recognise leaders of the future and how to give them the right resources to do their job
  • Discover ways to encourage ideas and innovation in the work place

If you would like to be the leader you aspire to be, then you cannot afford to miss Fiona’s session.

The Science Behind Big Billers

Jon Bartos

Million Dollar Producers are not born, they are made. In studying over a dozen perennial Million Dollar Producers, there are certain characteristics that each of them possess that allows them to perform at those levels. In this session, Jon will reveal these secrets as well as what it took for them to get there. If you are a new rookie starting off or a seasoned veteran big biller, this session is must see for everyone who wants to perform at the top of their recruiting game. Attendees will walk away with:

  • What Business Development Principles are working today and lead to increased chances of success
  • The Seven Levels of Business Development – and how to start with the low hanging fruit
  • The Key Metrics to watch that guide you to higher performance levels
  • The ratios that tell us how good we are at what we do and how to improve them now
  • Systems that help with maximum performance
  • Using time to your advantage

Job Qualification – Building Control to Fill More Jobs

Jeremy Snell

This session with Jeremy will show you how to qualify what a client really wants and establish the key factors that will help you to keep a job moving forward with pace and urgency.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a rookie recruiter, this session will help you to gain greater control of your clients. You’ll learn real-world techniques for prioritising your time so that you are investing in the RIGHT opportunities.

Essentially, a session designed to help you fill more jobs more consistently!

Listening to this session with Jeremy will give you:

  • A thorough understanding of the 8 key factors in keeping a job moving
  • The key questions to help quickly qualify a client
  • Effective methods to create maximum client commitment
  • Building urgency to hire
  • A clear process to ensure increased probability of success
  • How to gain control and manage client expectations

The War For Talent

Gaynor Lowndes

The war for talent has never been as fierce as it is right now. Candidates have multiple choices and are the most discerning they have ever been. Add to the pressure the current mix of conflicting generations, values and job needs and the war for talent intensifies.

Join us for a discussion on how traditional recruitment models no longer work. Find out how to market yourself; communicate with your target market and how you should work to get a better result. Understand the current labour market and generational issues in recruiting.

The Science Behind Big Billers

Greg Savage

Recruiters need to change and evolve. Social Media, technology, talent acquisition, branding, differentiation, mobile, clients expectations are all changing the landscape, and offer both threats and opportunities.

This information packed mini-seminar examines where new tools fit with old rules, and asks the question whether anything has really changed, and if it should.

  • What clients really want from their recruiter – based on what 100 CEOs told me personally
  • How the GFC and social media has combined to change clients attitudes to 3rd part recruiters
  • The change in candidate attitude to recruiters
  • The new talent challenge that we have never seen before
  • Talent Pools vs Talent communities- what you have to do now!
  • “E sourcing” -the new recruiter “must have” skill
  • Understanding social media and integrating it into the recruiting mix
  • Can desk-recruiters really use blogging, twitter and Linked in to maximise results?
  • Technology. How it is effecting recruiting and how it wont
  • Talent acquisition. From job boards to social media to…what?
  • Core “old school” skills all recruiters must have to succeed
  • What candidates will want from recruiters in the future

Greg has spent the last year visiting senior clients, all over the world. His company, Firebrand, operates in 8 countries and has invested heavily in social media and technology. Here he shares his views on what clients and candidates want from recruiters, how technology is changing our role, social media and how ordinary recruiters can harness its power, and he explains the “old ” techniques that remain as critical as ever.

60 hard-hitting minutes of information and insights you just won’t get elsewhere.

4 Secrets of Finding Passive Candidates

Doug Beabout

Takeaways from this session with Doug include:

  • Discover where you find the true recruiting power you must have today
  • Learn a detailed and revolutionary approach in recruiting that grabs the attention of talent
  • Master the most effective process of gaining referrals in recruiting
  • Find the Sourcing Alternatives that work now

How to Hire Top Producing Recruiters

Mark Whitby

One of the biggest challenges faced by recruiting firm owners is “how to find good recruitment consultants.” Just because you’re excellent at filling jobs for your clients, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at recruiting your own people. Judging by the high staff turnover within most recruitment businesses, we are failing as an industry to attract the right people and then keep them. Many owners complain that a lack of good quality recruiters in the marketplace is inhibiting their growth and limiting their profits. As the market continues to recover, and demand for good recruiters increases, this problem is only going to get worst. Yet the risk of hiring the wrong person is high – both in time and money. We all have experience of hiring people who interviewed well but failed to produce once they were in the job. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The traits of top-producing recruiters
  • How to find, attract and retain the most talented recruiters in your marketplace
  • When to hire experienced recruiters v rookies
  • How to improve your success rate at picking winners
  • And much more!