Sam Kass

Sam Kass

Job Title: VP of Financial Recruiting
Company: Shulman Fleming & Partners
Location: Greater New York City Area.

“The Summit is brilliant once again. I was a member last year and purchased the MP3s and transcripts too. I think this year is even better between your selection of speakers and the content.

I am learning a lot and am almost overwhelmed with the amount of ideas and pertinent information espoused by each speaker. I am familiar with many of them. I think each trainer brings different strong points and value to the table.

I also want to bring to your attention the professionalism and diligence of your Support Manager, CJ Wright. I know you recognize and appreciate the value of a quality employee, Mark. CJ is QUALITY. The response to my email regarding the quality of the broadcast and obtaining your contact email could not have been quicker.

I wish you the best always Mark. The Summit is the best of its kind.”