Terry Edwards

Friday October 25th @ 1:00pm AEDT/BST/EDT or 2:00pm SAST


Why Clients Will Never Ever Buy from Your Staffing/Recruitment Firm and What to Do About It

This presentation is ONLY for Staffing/Recruitment& Search firm owners.

Having completed a survey with HR and Hiring managers from around the world..
This shocking and controversial report reveals why HR and Hiring managers will never buy from your staffing firm and what precisely to do about it. This is a must have presentation for owners and directors of Staffing Recruitment & Search firms looking to grow their business

In this presentation you will discover:

  • The big threats to your Staffing/Recruitment firm
  • What hiring managers really think about your firm
  • The 5 words you must never use when communicating to a Hiring manager
  • What Hiring managers really want from a Staffing firms
  • How to instantly stand above your competitors
  • Why hiring managers will never return your call and what to do about it
  • The sure fire way to get the hiring manager to engage you, and it has nothing to do with your fees
  • The guaranteed method to get more clients

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One thought on “Terry Edwards

  1. Thank you very much Terry for those wonderful words of caution and suggestions to overcome hurdles or potential pit falls.
    Great Stuff.

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