Natalie Singer

Friday October 25th @ 9:30am AEDT/BST/EDT or 10:30am SAST

It’s not about data…it’s about insight! Tips for recruiters to maintain relevance & add real value to clients.

In “days of old” the value of a recruitment agency was their “database” but in a time when clients increasingly have access to all the same “data” as recruiters, the pressure is on to provide tangible value to ensure relevance and maintenance of current fee structures. This talk is prefaced on the following principle: data + insight = value

Natalie will share practical ideas on how recruiters can create value through provision of insight, including:

  • Expert knowledge of their chosen niche;
  • Understanding of where to find the right data (at the right time), how to interrogate this data and then present it in such a way as to provide a solution to the client’s “problem”;
  • Effective interrogation of data (CV/references etc) to not only assess accuracy, but also relevance to the role and a clear indication of how that particular candidate would “solve” the client’s current issues;
  • Efficient order taking, qualification and where necessary, influence for re-alignment to REALISTIC recruitment endeavour;
  • Reporting (post-assignment) to add value and ultimately increase likelihood of future placements/long-term relationships through information designed to modify client behaviour/expectation;
  • Value-added services that are designed to gather (and maximise) insight into the client, their employment brand and their recruitment methodology

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8 thoughts on “Natalie Singer

  1. Excellent presentation Natalie.
    It was full of information with great insight into your experiences along with scenarios and remedies to issues.
    Thank you very much.

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