Jon Bartos

Tuesday October 22nd @ 11:00am AEDT/BST/EDT or 12:00 noon SAST

and a re-broadcast on

Monday October 28th @ 11:00am AEDT/GMT/EDT or 1:00pm SAST

The Millionaire Recruiter

Millionaire Recruiters were not born. They were made. After an exhaustive study of Millionaire recruiters all over the world, Jon will go over the key characteristics, activities, skill sets, accountabilities and mindset of the top 1% of the recruiters worldwide. And by the way, it’s NOT about the money.

Jon will explore the commonalities of the ultra successful as well as what key elements everyone can implement to dramatically improve their production today.

Attendees will walk away with:

  • A day in the life of a Millionaire Recruiter
  • Examples of Millionaire Recruiters and how they got there
  • The Business Models that work for sustainable growth
  • The Metrics behind a Millionaire Recruiter – and what needs to be monitored
  • What Motivational factors help drive production to that level
  • What is the key factor of the highest producers – and what we can implement today

If you’re hoping to take your production to the next level this will be a session you simply can’t afford to miss!

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6 thoughts on “Jon Bartos

  1. Interesting! Calling our retained search as “shared risk” assignment makes it a little more welcoming to the Clients.

  2. Excellent session with a lot of helpful information.
    One question; you mentioned that we could get a sample of one of your contracts. Can you please provide it? I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you.

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