Andy Whitehead

Tuesday October 22nd @ 2:30pm AEDT/BST/EDT or 3:30pm SAST

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Monday October 28th @ 2:30pm AEDT/GMT/EDT or 4:30pm SAST

How to Lead Your Niche and Add 1246 Candidates to Your ATS In 8 Weeks – A Case Study

How we got 1246 new candidate registrations in 8 weeks and how you can follow the exact same steps. In this fast-paced session with Andy you’ll learn:

  • How we got 50,000 candidates in our client sector notified about my client for $50 (and how you can do the same within 60 minutes of watching this)
  • How we had 12 of the worlds top speakers promote our clients brand to their emailing lists of hundreds of thousands of candidates (and how you can do this for free as long as you have email and some guts)
  • How we had a direct endorsement from one of the most powerful presidents of the biggest global company in our niche (this is worth literally $100k’s – you cannot buy this type of brand promotion)
  • How we peeved our competitors by monopolizing the media in our niche for 3 months
  • How we found which companies and reasons our candidates would move jobs for in the next 60 days
  • How we found a way our clients recruitment consultants to remove the requirement for the dreaded cold call
  • How we had thousands of follwers on twitter talking about our client even though they did not have a twitter account
  • How we created 12 hours of candidate engagement video from the world’s top speakers in our niche without paying a penny for it
  • How we created limitless passive income potential without the need for making one phone call

And much, much more………‚ĶAndy guarantees that after listening to this session you will have tens, maybe hundreds of ideas to instantly position your brand.

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5 thoughts on “Andy Whitehead

  1. Thanks Mark and Andy, That was great content! We all need to think “outside the box” and this was just that.

    Ray Wiese
    McKinley Executive Recruiters,LLC.

  2. Fantastic strategy Andy, gave me a new mind-set for the last 2 months of the year, that will be carried into 2014.
    San-Marie Barnard
    Earthstream Global

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