Terry Edwards

Wednesday October 24th @ 1:00pm AEDT/BST/EDT or 2:00pm SAST

Terry Edwards

The Secret of Big Billing Success

In this presentation you will discover how a boutique Search firm went from struggling with under performing consultants, to a multi millions in just over a year.


You’ll learn:

  • The secrets to generating leads easily and effortlessly, without making a single cold call
  • How to get your clients to call you when they want a Search firm
  • How to improve your self confidence to be more effective at selling
  • How you can make more placements and earn more
  • The questions you must ask to achieve success, not asking the second question could cost you a lot of money

And so much more…

If you are looking to grow your staffing/recruitment firm, then this will tell you how and give you all the tools and strategies to do just that.

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14 thoughts on “Terry Edwards

  1. Hi Terry, I am looking forward to listening to your conference today. As a big biller myself and now an old hand in recruitment, I am keen to hear how you have become to be as successful as you are today…

    • Hi Mike
      Hope you enjoyed the presentation, If I can help you in anyway just let me know. Please feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn

  2. Hi Terry, I loved listening to your talk..your advice was awesome.”Avoid sabotaging self-and be as successful as you chose to be!”

    Am looking forward to learning more about the Permission marketing bit & how I can change the way I have been working!


    • Hi

      Really pleased to hear you enjoyed the presentation and thanks for your kind words

      It is interesting to find that once you accept that you have a choice you then take responsibility for what is going on in your business
      With regard to ‘Permission marketing” once you have this in place you will never ever make another cold call, and a lot of your clients will come to you ready to buy.
      If I can help you in anyway please let me know. Feel free to connect via LinkedIn

  3. Terry, you raise some interesting questions. I particularly like the question ‘when would I start’!

    My concern is that permission based marketing presupposes that senior decision makers, hiring authorities and others with budgetary control are surfing around – Google, Linkedin, elsewhere – looking for recruitment based solutions; typing in search strings etc.

    I fear that you may spend a lot of time, effort and money on capturing the e-mail addresses of junior admin and HR assistants?

    • Hi Paul

      There are 14 methods for generating leads for a recruitment/staffing business. The internet and linkedIn are just two of them. To overcome the problem capturing details of the inappropriate names entails good copy writing and targeted marketing.
      An example of this is say direct mail, when you write a letter to a decision maker offering them an report/ebook that will benefit them. They will then click on a link to get the ebook and you get a lead. Your concern is the time it takes. Well to email say 2000 potential clients offering an ebook would take 20 minutes. If you only got a 1% take up that would be 20 leads!!!
      Paul how long would it take you to call 2000 potential clients and how long would it take you to get 20 leads?
      Cold calling will get you leads, if that is the only way you are getting business, then you are losing a lot of time and money not using other methods
      Hope that helps, please feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn

  4. Hi Terry, thanks for an informative presentation! I have always doubted that email marketing actually works hence I still prefer the phone to nurture the client relationship rather than implementing ‘digital’ recruitment!

    As you mentioned approximately 70% of the recipients will not bother to open these types of emails, in fact, most treat it as a spam.

    However, which email marketing tools would you recommend and what kind of success rates do they provide?

    Paul Dhanjal

  5. Hi Terry,

    You were talking about generating leads – I was curious if you advocate for calling in to job advertisements. Obviously there is a need, but you’re asking for their business on day one and likely you’ll be working against other firms too…


    • Hi Laura

      Just to clarify, cold calling, chasing adverts all work and you will generate business doing that
      As I mentioned in the presentation, few recruiters enjoy making cold calls and no potential client enjoys receiving cold calls
      Lauren when you incorporate permission marketing into your marketing, you will be only talking to clients who want to talk to you. You will eliminate the constant problem of working against other firms. Consequently you will make more placements and earn more money. Please feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn
      Hope that helps

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