Opening Keynote

Tuesday October 23rd @ 9:45am AEDT/BST/EDT or 10:45am SAST

Big Biller Summit

Opening Keynote – The Power of Commitment

In this short presentation, Mark Whitby will kick things off with a brief orientation on Big Biller Summit and how to get the maximum benefit from this virtual summit. You will then learn about the Power of Commitment – what it means to be truly committed, why it’s important to your success as a recruiter, and how to use commitment to break past sticking points and achieve your goals.

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6 thoughts on “Opening Keynote

    • HI Eric, Because this is a tele-summit (not a webinar) there are no PowerPoint slides available. Remember this is a FREE event, so I didn’t insist that speakers provide handouts.

      – Mark

  1. Love the Goethe quote!

    My father reiterated the later part on many occasions/which was the impetus for why I love to learn/and love quotes. They are manna for motivation

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