Neil Lebovits

Wednesday October 24th @ 4:00pm AEDT/BST/EDT or 5:00pm SAST

Neil Lebovits

The Psychology of Time Mastery

Time Time Time. Where does it go?

Well, as many poets have said, we can’t control time, but we sure can control how we use time! In fact, the real key to time management is not the management of time, but actually the management of energy!

During my career, I studied many people and have learned a few tricks that have profoundly shaped my career. The lessons I learned in “Time Domination” have been critical to my success! I’ll introduce you to the simple tricks and secrets that you can use to literally double what you do in a fraction of the time. We provide easy to follow concepts and tricks to win the war on time terror! We debunk the myth that life is a marathon. If it was, then think of how one would train for a 75-year race! No, In fact it is a series of sprints and we’ll talk about how you can use that concept on your desk or for your branch immediately!

Join us for a great session that will put you on the road to more success! You quite frankly MUST make the time for this discussion on time! You know that it is controlling you, so it’s time to take the control back! We’ll get into the pitfalls and bad habits as well as the sure fire approaches to accomplish more! It really is the shortcut that you have been looking for! If you are looking for a “system” to manage your time, then I’ll share an approach that can be implemented on most front office systems or email management systems!

By the end of this session, you will:

  • Learn how to accomplish twice as much in a fraction of the time
  • Understand why life isn’t really a marathon, but rather a series of sprints
  • Learn how to capitalize on the inherent ebbs and flows in their energy
  • Learn how to lesson the demand that technology is placing on them. Demand is exceeding capacity!
  • Learn the one-two-three strikes of time management

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