Natalie Singer

Tuesday October 23rd @ 2:30pm AEDT/BST/EDT or 3:30pm SAST

Natalie Singer

Fighting Fall-Offs! Effective counter-offer mitigation

Recruitment is so frustrating! Despite all your best efforts, deals fall off at the last minute due to the fact that you have at least 3 individuals involved in the process.

Change is hard, and with people on both sides of the sale, there is a lot that can go wrong.

This session, packed with practical examples and easy-to-implement tools, will empower you to fight fall-offs and the dreaded counter-offer by understanding why recruitment deals fall apart and what you can do to minimise your risk. Learn:

  • The root causes of counter-offers;
  • How to identify risks early in the process;
  • Assisting candidates to overcome the fear of change; and
  • The importance of having all of the information

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2 thoughts on “Natalie Singer

  1. Hi Natalie,

    Thanks for doing such a great job in discussing the challenges we as recruiters often face with fall-offs. Our ability to control those people is something that needs to be addressed BEFORE the actual problem. You mentioned a couple items that you find useful and I was hoping I could get a copy of them. If so, you can send them to me?

    Thanks again,

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