Mark Whitby

Thursday October 25th @ 9:30am AEDT/BST/EDT or 10:30am SAST

Mark Whitby

Learn to Love Cold Calling

Do you ever procrastinate when it comes to prospecting? If so then you’re not alone.

The majority of recruiters dislike cold calling and it’s human nature to avoid tasks that we find uncomfortable. Yet we all know that regular business development activity is vital to your success in recruit ment. After all, new jobs are the lifesblood of your business and if you don’t keep your sales funnel full, then sooner or later your pipeline of placements will run dry up and your income along with it.

Now imagine if cold calling was FUN.

Imagine if you felt motivated to pick up the phone and make those marketing calls – not occassionally, but consistently. What effect would that have on your success at winning new clients? What impact would that have on your billings and income? How much more confident would you feel about the future?

When you listen to this session, you will learn:

  • How to overcome call reluctance;
  • 10 biggest cold calling mistakes most recruiters make – and how to avoid them;
  • 12 tricks and tips to boost your productivity and increase sales activity;
  • Why you never need to experience rejection again;
  • How to stay motivated and take consistent action

And much, much more!

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22 thoughts on “Mark Whitby

  1. Hey guys, we’re going to run about 15-20 minutes overtime … I’ve got so much I want to share with you today and I don’t want to skip over any important content. Hope you decide to stay with me for the duration of the call!

    – Mark

  2. Hi Mark, I am in Cape Town SA and is unable to connect due to the player not appearing on the Broadcast Information. Would hate to miss your session. Regards Christine

  3. The player goes silent after 5 minutes. I have tried refreshing doesn’t make any difference. Tried a different computer, plays but again goes silent after 5-10 minutes of play. Really frustrating. This was the one I wanted to catch. I’ve tried different browsers and computers, 5-10 minutes is all I get. Anyone else having problems.

  4. Mark, Thanks for reminding me that the most basic principals are what make us successful. We give other people too much power over us by taking responsibility for their thoughts and actions. I have also forgotten how much I actually enjoy meeting people the first time – it is the second time that I am less confident about which you have also sorted out for me in this talk. I loved the 6th contact success principal and you are absolutely right – if the client hears from you regularly you remain fresh in their memories (I proved that to myself again recently). We expect too much that the client will call us, rather than the other way around.

    • The biggest cause of failure among sales people is giving up too soon:

      48% quit after the first contact
      20% quit after the second contact
      7% quit after the third contact
      5% quit after the forth contact
      4% quit after the fifth contact

      And yet 80% of customers say “yes” after the sixth contact!

  5. I just felt compelled to send you a short note telling you that I truly enjoyed and got a lot great info out of your Big Biller presentation. As a decent recruiter, but with major ADD, I really needed to hear your action plan on activities for the day and how to benchmark the results. I personally made the mistake of getting two repeat business clients and focused on them without continuing my biz dev. I guess you know what happened when I was caught with “my pants down,” as they both went on a hiring freeze at the same time. As a guy going through a bit of a cold-calling slump, it is good to remind myself that my best clients were once strangers, like you put it.

    I hope to get much more out of your services offered and plan to join the 21 day trial today. If it is anything like what I have learned so far, I plan to be a long-term member.

    Keep up the fantastic work!!

    Best regards,

  6. Mark – GREAT presentation!

    Loved your analogy when comparing Public Speaking to Cold Calling. Much like you, I love public speaking. No fear, just excitement, however, cold calling creates anxiety and frustration even though I know I am good at it and usually have great success when I do it. While you gave us all a lot to think about, I did find a few items to be extra special and meant a lot to me personally. They are as follows

    Focus on progress NOT perfection.

    Woody Allan’s quote “Eighty percent of success is just showing up”. That Is so TRUE!!! We will never know how profitable or beneficial our calls will be without first doing them!

    Calling with the idea that we are looking for the “Ace of Spades” helped me to define my expectations a bit more. Basically it means, if I make 52 calls, I will most likely find a good client amongst them. That is of course is also dependent on being prepared, (script) have open ended questions to build on and stay positive, knowing that it might take multiple calls to win their trust.

    Finally, “Most companies are not going to buy from you, YET” Going forward I am going to view my calls as mini steps toward success. Building a relationship takes time and if we continue to maintain those relationships through short, respectful calls, our name will be the first that comes to mind when they really need help.

    Mark, I really appreciated this timely information and will review my notes and my recording numerous time to get the most out of it. Thanks!


  7. Hi Mark!

    I really gained useful information today. The session ended right after plan tomorrows calls today.

    Please advise. Thank you.

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