Bob Marshall

Tuesday October 23rd @ 4:00pm AEDT/BST/EDT or 5:00pm SAST

Bob Marshall

The Qualifier JO

How many hours have you wasted working jobs that lead only to dead ends and disappointments?  How many more placements could you make if you redeployed that wasted effort on searches with a higher probability of success?  Big Billers only work jobs that meet their criteria and which they are confident of filling.  In this presentation, Bob will reveal how big billers qualify their Job Orders (JOs) in order to determine which to work and which to put on the backburner.

The Attendees will learn:

  • How to quickly determine which JOs to work and which ones to lay aside;
  • The 6-part ‘Qualifier Job Order’ process;
  • How to prep the Hiring Manager on how you work (Shaping the Battlefield);
  • How to develop a working partnership with the HM;
  • How do determine JO urgency to fill (a key to your success);
  • How to uncover secret HM hot buttons;
  • How to use the Job Order Matrix to objectively score each JO before you decide which to work.

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6 thoughts on “Bob Marshall

    • HI Bill, I’m really sorry that you couldn’t get audio. I’m assuming you did the obvious things like make sure you were calling at the correct time, that your computer speakers were turned on, you re-dialled the conference number to make sure it was the correct phone number and conference ID, etc. In which case I’m a bit mystified because other members were able to listen without any problem. In the unlikely event that it happens again, please flip to an alternative method of listening. For example if you’re on the phone with no sound, switch to webcast and see if that helps – or vice versa.

  1. All this presupposes you are talking with the hiring manager.It has always been tough getting to hiring managers. We find it almost impossible these days when they are bucking the calls to HR, or even worse to Purchasing or the supply chain department.

    Any suggestions as to how to get to those hiring managers and to get them to listen you?

  2. Wow; great content; straightforward, tactical and practical and clearly geared toward true big billers! I missed the first half hour of the presentation and still took 1.5 pages of notes! I hate to have the buy the pdf but I’m considering it! Thanks Bob.

  3. Great Great stuff and very inspiring.

    Time is money/the Time Allocation aspects all around are priceless.

    Some of this info can too be found on

    Mentioned on the form at the bottom/to consider other side re: Agenda for Closing? Next sheet was blank.
    Re: Exclusives……question from Mark…..I was thinking/that you could test that by presenting why it is a good idea/to see if they are open to it/and set the stage for follow up later that day/next day to complete and move forward…..
    MARKET/then recruit!!!!
    Interesting/I believe Bob indicated he didn’t enjoy marketing all much. Always interesting to gain perspective/particularly from the experts……/Gionta said he didn’t care for cold calling….; I know I have go back and forth…..sometimes hotter than not.

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