Ann Swain

Tuesday October 23rd @ 11:00am AEDT/BST/EDT or 12 noon SAST

Ann Swain

Acquisition of Talent – Disruption Breeds Innovation

In this presentation Ann Swain will look at the current state of talent acquisition and then at research asking customers what they actually want. She will show that the mismatch provides a superb opportunity for recruiters to sell and deliver real value added service that provides a key business differentiator for those clients. Ann will suggest the potential for a paradigm shift back to the days of sound relationships and mutual respect and provide ideas of how to engage with a new potential client base or re-engage with an existing one.

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4 thoughts on “Ann Swain

  1. Absolutely Fantastic………

    A PDF Outline would be helpful to follow along/reinforce…..

    Love it all/and the encouragement/optimism going forward.

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