Terry Edwards

Terry Edwards

Wednesday October 26, 2011

Australia: 9:30am AEDT
UK: 9:30am BST
US/Canada: 9:30am EDT

How to Develop Business Without Cold Calling

When you listen to this session you will discover the secrets to:

  • Growing your recruitment business and never making another cold call again
  • How to have clients calling you
  • The 10 top tips that will generate a torrent of warm leads for your recruitment business, effortlessly
  • The five things you must never put on your website, that could be costing you thousands
  • How to systemise your marketing to generate 100 warm leads a month every month
  • The essential steps that mean you will always have peace of mind about your income
  • How to make more placements and earn more money

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About Terry Edwards

Terry Edwards has over twenty two years recruitment experience and is one of the leading recruitment coaches in the UK. He has also been a keynote speaker at high profile recruitment events, as well as the author of some very successful eBooks within the recruitment industry.

Having studied psychology, Terry is a Master NLP practitioner. He established drewcoaching in 2004 and rapidly built it up to be one of the UK’s leading recruitment coaching firms. The company has now expanded overseas serving clients worldwide.

Prior to launching drewcoaching, Terry was a top-biller with two of the UK’s largest and most respected recruitment search firms, placing senior executives within the IT sector.

He then went on to set up his own multi-million pound recruitment businesses, which he eventually sold.

Terry now works with independent recruitment business owners, sharing with them how to make more placements, earn more money and work fewer hours. He offers a 100% money back guarantee and with his broad experience, can provide business growth strategies for recruitment business owners who want to take their business to the next level. His webinars and coaching sessions have attracted thousands of recruitment business owners from all over the world.

Terry lives in Northampton with his wife Sandra and three sons. He is keen on health and fitness and likes to take part in long distance runs and Triathlons.

13 thoughts on “Terry Edwards

  1. Hello Terry Edwards,

    Sorry I am having difficulty navigating to where I can download the mp3’s having paid up front for the full deal. Also am confused why the timing for U.S. speakers does not co-incide with those speaking. Mike Gionta just finished a half hour ago, for example.

    so, can you give me step by step how to listen in on the web cast live when the phone lines are busy as they were yesterday and I was waiting for long time unable to hear.


    Bob Fox

    • Hi Bob, Thanks for joining us again this year! To answer your questions:

      1. Thank you for investing in the VIP upgrade! We’ll release the MP3’s for 2011 as soon as we can, bearing in mind that some of the sessions haven’t happened yet. You will be able to download all the MP3 audios and PDF transcripts by November 18th at the latest.

      2. We’re broadcasting each session 3 times to allow everyone in different time zones a chance to listen-in for free. It’s possible you caught the tail end of Mike’s UK broadcast, but rest assured it will play again at the time specified on the US schedule.

      3. I’m sorry you weren’t able to hear – please take note of the PIN# for the US broadcasts is different to the one for the UK/Australia. You’ll find the correct Conference ID (PIN#) in the emails I’ve been sending, as well as listed on the Speaker page for each session.

      Thanks again and enjoy the rest of the Big Biller Summmit!

  2. went so fast that I wish there was a handout to, follow along. Tough to take notes and pay attention at the same time – my multi-tasking isn’t working well this morning! I wil be checking your sites to see if I can get some of the material in writing. Great info!

  3. I received Barb Bruno’s email alerting me to the Summit just a few minutes ago and signed up promptly. I missed an entire day and a half of sessions…Very disappointing. I especially wanted to hear Terry’s session.

    • Hi Robyn, I’m sorry you didn’t hear about Big Biller Summit sooner, and I understand that you’re disappointed to have missed Terry’s session. We’re doing everything we can to get the word out and all the speakers and sponsors have promoting the Summit since 17th October. I believe this is the 2nd email that Barb has sent out. In any case, there are still lots of great training sessions in the Schedule that you can hear for FREE. Or for a very small investment you can upgrade to VIP and get the MP3 recordings and PDF transcripts for all the sessions, including the ones you missed. I hope you enjoy the rest of the conference!

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