Nicky Coffin

Nicky Coffin

Wednesday October 26, 2011

Australia: 1:00pm AEDT
UK: 1:00pm BST
US/Canada: 1:00pm EDT

The Mindset of Success: How to Model Top Performers

Learn the secrets of top achievers so that you can transform your results immediately. This workshop for business owners, Team managers and recruiters wanting to transform your results, shows you 4 powerful yet simple strategies that you can implement into your business immediately that will help you to:

  • Duplicate the achievements of the highest earning Recruitment Consultants
  • Get rid of the ‘Fear’ factors that are holding you back with powerful and easy to use techniques
  • Increase your billing every month at a level you have only dreamed of by just changing your mindset

VIP Resources

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The PDF Transcript will be available for download by November 18th


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About Nicky Coffin

Nicky is a skilled Master Practitioner in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and works with clients to affect personal change that significantly increases their impact, results and motivation.

Throughout her career, Nicky has managed and grown large teams as well as remaining heavily involved in hands-on recruiting both contingency & executive search – specialising in finding and placing top talent into the Sales, Graduate, Investment Banking, Finance, Professional Services and Technology markets.

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