Greg Savage

Greg Savage

Tuesday October 25, 2011

Australia: 11:00am AEDT
UK: 11:00am BST
US/Canada: 11:00am EDT

The future of recruiting – New Kool v Old Skool?

Recruiters need to change and evolve. Social Media, technology, talent acquisition, branding, differentiation, mobile, clients expectations are all changing the landscape, and offer both threats and opportunities.

This information packed mini-seminar examines where new tools fit with old rules, and asks the question whether anything has really changed, and if it should.

  • What clients really want from their recruiter – based on what 100 CEOs told me personally
  • How the GFC and social media has combined to change clients attitudes to 3rd part recruiters
  • The change in candidate attitude to recruiters
  • The new talent challenge that we have never seen before
  • Talent Pools vs Talent communities- what you have to do now!
  • “E sourcing” -the new recruiter “must have” skill
  • Understanding social media and integrating it into the recruiting mix
  • Can desk-recruiters really use blogging, twitter and Linked in to maximise results?
  • Technology. How it is effecting recruiting and how it wont
  • Talent acquisition. From job boards to social media to…what?
  • Core “old school” skills all recruiters must have to succeed
  • What candidates will want from recruiters in the future

Greg has spent the last year visiting senior clients, all over the world. His company, Firebrand, operates in 8 countries and has invested heavily in social media and technology. Here he shares his views on what clients and candidates want from recruiters, how technology is changing our role, social media and how ordinary recruiters can harness its power, and he explains the “old ” techniques that remain as critical as ever.

60 hard-hitting minutes of information and insights you just won’t get elsewhere.

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About Greg Savage

Greg Savage is the founder and driving force behind Firebrand Talent Search, a global niche recruitment company with offices in 8 countries across UK, Europe, Asia and Australasia. Over a career spanning thirty years, he has established himself as an undisputed leader of the Australian recruitment industry, and is a regular keynote speaker at staffing and recruitment conferences around the world.

After graduating with honours in Psychology, Greg’s early career saw him manage the London office of the United Kingdom’s largest accounting recruiter for two years. In the early 1980s he returned to Australia to run the Sydney office of Accountancy Placements (now the Hays Group), where he was invited to join the board of directors at age 27.

Greg founded Recruitment Solutions in 1987 and rapidly built the start-up into a company of over 200 staff and annual sales of $60,000,000. Recruitment Solutions was successfully listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in July 1998 with Greg at its helm as both Executive Director and COO.

April 2001 saw Greg join Aquent as Asia-Pacific CEO. Four years later in 2005, he was promoted to Aquent International CEO and assumed responsibility for all Aquent businesses outside of North America, which then comprised of over 25 offices across Europe, Asia and Australasia.

In recognition of his contribution to the Australian recruitment industry, Greg was made an Honorary Life Member of the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) in 2004. As an active social media enthusiast, Greg’s industry blog – The Savage Truth – is a must-read for recruitment consultants, while his Twitter feed similarly attracts thousands of followers from around the world.

4 thoughts on “Greg Savage

  1. while I understand the value of facebook, twitter etc I was speaking to a company who is managing the visibilty to my facebook page, I had over 88,000 impressions and only 14 clicks resulting in zero conversion rate…

    I push facebook and twitter everyday with little success. I get better results from direct contact but this is time consuming and doesn’t bare enough fruit to give us any kind of future……

  2. Steve, direct contact is always the key to actually closing recruitment deals or even winning business in the first place. However social media can open doors and spark contact initially, as well as grow brand and awareness and generate referrals. However the value of return on social media activity depends on the quality and consistency of what you do on social media in the first place. Just “having social media stuff” is not enough. In my case it has measurably driven our company’s commercial goals forward. But not instead of direct contact… as well as!

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