Gaynor Lowndes

Gaynor Lowndes

Friday October 28, 2011

Australia: 9:30am AEDT
UK: 9:30am BST
US/Canada: 9:30am EDT

The War for Talent

The war for talent has never been as fierce as it is right now. Candidates have multiple choices and are the most discerning they have ever been. Add to the pressure the current mix of conflicting generations, values and job needs and the war for talent intensifies.

Join us for a discussion on how traditional recruitment models no longer work. Find out how to market yourself; communicate with your target market and how you should work to get a better result. Understand the current labour market and generational issues in recruiting.

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About Gaynor Lowndes

Gaynor Lowndes is a highly respected leader and commentator on Recruitment and Recruitment related issues within Australia, NZ and the Asia Pacific Region. She has over 25 years in the industry and has experience from consulting to running recruitment teams and businesses. She was part of the team that put on the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and has sold in excess of $56 Million AUD in recruitment sales during her career. Gaynor has a very successful training, mentoring and coaching business TRTC- Training and development for recruiters which she set up in 2001. Gaynor has written and published 2 books on The Art of Recruitment and is regularly published in trade journals around the word. Gaynor is committed to helping recruiters reach their potential. She can be contacted via LinkedIn, is an avid Tweeter and her website is The Recruiter Training Company.

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