Ann Swain

Ann Swain

Thurday October 27, 2011

Australia: 11:00am AEDT
UK: 11:00am BST
US/Canada: 11:00am EDT

Global Recruiting Trends

Do you have a strategy in place to capitalize on the global trends that are revolutionizing our industry? If your business model is not aligned with the trends, then you risk losing out to recruitment companies who have embraced change and made it work to their advantage. According to Ann Swain, CEO of APSCo: “If the pace of change outside your business is faster than the pace of change within your business, then you’re in trouble.” However for those who are prepared, these changes represent an incredible opportunity. In this entertaining and educational presentation, you’ll discover:

  • The 5 global trends that are changing the recruiting landscape forever
  • How to adapt your business to capitalize on these major trends
  • The challenges and opportunities for expanding your business internationally
  • And much more!

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About Ann Swain

Ann Swain is the Chief Executive of The Association of Professional Staffing Companies. Ann has headed APSCo, and before that its predecessor, ATSCo, for the past 12 years; creating a well-respected trade association known for its energy, thought leadership, outstanding membership service offering and lobbying power.

Ann has a wealth of experience in the professional recruitment market as a recruiter, manager, trainer, sales director, managing director and spent a few years on the client side of the fence as an HR Manager. She was the founder, in 1988 of Learning Curve, the specialist recruitment industry training company which was acquired by the Delphi Group in 1997.

Ann is extremely proud of APSCo’s innovative collaboration with Henley Business School to develop the first ever MBA programme with content specifically designed for recruitment executives: The Henley MBA – An Executive Programme for International Recruitment Management, has its first intake in October 2011 in Hong Kong and March 2012 in the UK. Her first book the Professional Recruiter’s Handbook has become a business best seller, and she is currently completing updates for the second edition due in 2012.

Ann is a well-respected authority in our industry, a hugely popular international speaker and a passionate advocate for the UK Recruitment Profession.

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